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No lies, no medicines for better body and health.

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Welcome to Yoga Shivoham

Yoga Shivoham is a yoga alliance registered school ensuring highest standard of teaching and knowledge.

Yoga Shivoham is created by Acharya Yogesh who has been teaching yoga and meditation for 14 years. He has taught more than 2000 yoga teachers in more than 150 YTTC. Yoga Shivoham is offering 200 hrs yoga alliance approved yoga teacher training and workshops on yoga, meditation, chakras and spirituality in association with other schools. Yoga Shivoham is offering its courses in 3 different locations Goa, Europe and Gujarat. 

We are inspired by great masters like Osho, Swami Brahmavedatji, Gurdjief and Patanjali

Our ethics is that we want to provide the best teacher training experience and enable students to master yoga and yoga teaching. Our training is suitable for all levels of students whether you are beginner or advanced student. Whether you are looking for health or self exploration. Whether you seek strength or peace within. We have the best team of teachers in the yoga sector. All our teachers are highly experienced and master in their field.

We provide teacher training in classical hatha yoga. We want to bring the focus on deeper and authentic learning instead of hotchpotch of many styles. Yoga is a huge subject and to learn even one style of yoga requires complete dedication. So we choose to offer deep understanding in one style.

Our school carries the importance of scientific base along with age old wisdom of yoga. So our motto is eastern soul western mind. Yoga Shivoham provides a healthy, friendly and caring environment which nourishes your body, mind and soul.

Yoga to retain the beauty of body, mind and soul.

Healthy body

Peaceful mind

Blissful soul

Why Yoga Shivoham

Let the threads of life get connected with yoga

More than 2000 students

More than 120 YTTC

Countless retreat and workshop

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