Given by Acharya Yogesh

Chakra Course in Goa, India

with Archarya Yogesh

His essence is expressed through his teaching, with love and compassion.

Yoga has given him the path and purpose to be a philosophy influencial mentor, one that is cultivating the seeds of consciousness in the minds and hearts of those open to oneness.

He encourages us to start living with our hearts, in the truth of the present moment and work hard to become aware and conscious, so that we can enjoy the smooth flow of life.



 SUN MAY 31 -6 JUN 2020



AT Portobello di Gallura,Sardegna, Italy

With Acharya Yogesh and Barbara Ehrat

Yoga ,Sacred Breathing,Meditation,Philosophy,Space and Time

6 Days accommodation , Delicious Food 1370-1870Euro

Not include any rental or of flight and ferry

For contact :BARBARA

+41 78 806 14 85

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Become Chakra Healer

Make your energetic family and learn to balance your own chakra as well other’s chakra.

There is an increased demand of alternative healing in the world. In this century of consciousness, more and more people are seeking for an alternative way of healing.

With this course you will get all the knowledge and tools for your own chakra cleaning and healing. Tools to increase prana flow through the nadis, tools and practices to increase your healing power, practical practice sessions, understanding about yogic anatomy, fundamentals of yoga and the meridians, common disease and much more.

This wonderful course gives the knowledge which you require to understand, experience and influence your energetic make up better. And perhaps in time, and with practice, the tools to help others.

We are the soul as we live this life in this body. There is a constant exchange between these two layers of our being, The duality between gross matter and subtle energy. Ancient yogis and tantra have known these facts for over 10,000 years. All of our stress, tension, disease, anxiety and depression are the result of a disturbance in our energetic body.

We offer this workshop to combine age old eastern wisdom with modern scientific knowledge.

1. Basic yogic anatomy and energetic system
2. Theory of the seven chakras and their deep understanding
3. Disease and their relation to the chakras
4. Methods of scanning
5. Experiencing energetic vibration
6. Methods to enhance energetic vibration
7. Meditation and breathing technique to balance chakras
8. Chakra massage technique
9. Techniques for emotional healing and balancing
10. Techniques for improvement in the endocrine system
11. Basic understanding of the modern meridian theory
12. Personal counseling
13 Tools for stress, tension anxiety and depression improvement
14. Tools for mental wellness
15. Tools for improvement of physical health.


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