Online Chakra Course

The first and only Online Chakra Course

By Archary Yogesh

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Chakra Course by Acharya Yogesh

defining chakras, examples, balancing techniques


3 parts

3 hours of teachings

chakra booklet

A unique course where Yogesh shares his knowledge on chakras. Learn about chakras, balancing techniques, how chakras are connected to personality and deceases and much more in this online course. You get 3 hours of online video material and a chakra booklet with more information.

The concept of chakra is very old but it seems that it originates from tantric tradition. As per modern metaphysics everything is in the form of energy what we are seeing is dense collection of energy. So the body is also dense collection of energy. Every moment we are exchanging energy from our body to universe and universe to body. 

This course will give you extensive knowledge on chakras, their power and how chakras are connected to deceases and personality.

chakra course by acharya yogesh | €25,-

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