The concept of chakra is very old but it seems that it originates from tantric tradition. As per modern metaphysics everything is in the form of energy what we are seeing is dense collection of energy. So the body is also dense collection of energy. Every moment we are exchanging energy from our body to universe and universe to body.

Chakras are energy centers which drive our physical as well as metaphysical and psychological existence too. Modern psychology accepts that most of our existential disorder is because of stress. Stress is result of wrong perception. And our perception is formed by various impressions we have stored in our mind. Those impressions are expressed in the form of various emotions that build various aspects of our personality. There are several chakras exists in our body. But seven chakras are major. So we will see the seven major chakras and their impact in personality development. Chakras are key switches which opens particular level of consciousness of your mind. So with the help of chakra you can grow your personality on all planes

1- Muladhara Chakra 2- Swadhistana chakra 3- Manipur chakra
4- Anahat chakra
5- Visudhha chakra
6- Ajna chakra
7- Sahasrara chakra

Each of this chakra has certain associated characteristics which thereby manifests into certain specific set of emotions. These chakras exist on subtle plane but it has also great effect on physical body also. Harmonizing chakras is not only necessary for spiritual development but also it contributes to the personality development, better personal and interpersonal adjustment, and all over lifestyle.

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