200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Meet the teachers

Meet the teachers

Our teachers during the Teacher Training course are a mix of Indians and teachers from all over the world.

Acharya Yogesh

Acharya Yogesh

Philosophy and Yoga Teacher

The yoga philosoph, meditation master, hatha yoga teacher and spiritual friend 

Yoga is a gift of life and it can teach you the art of living in this beautiful present moment.

His essence is expressed through his teaching, with love and compassion.

Yoga has given him the path and purpose to be a philosophy influencial mentor, one that is cultivating the seeds of consciousness in the minds and hearts of those open to oneness.

He has a deep feeling of content about his work because he feels he adds  priceless value to  people’s lifes, as he sees them depart after classes with confidence, energy and awareness. That brings him a tremendous sense of happiness and energy to continue this spiritual discipline and the non-possessiveness mode of living.  He is aiming to live according to the essence of his philosophy, as to practice what he teaches.

Acharya Yogesh is one of the authentic gems in the world of yoga.

He is an excellent teacher of philosophy, meditation, various cleansing processes, yogic anatomy and pure and classic hatha yoga.

Over the years, he has developed a completely different approach towards the spiritual practice and finds that true magic occurs when science and ancient technique of yoga meet. 

The result of his style of teaching is a combination of Eastern feeling and Western mind.

His attention is also on the yogic interrelated practices and has developed mastery over the cleansing and balancing method and pranayama technique. One of the eminent specialty of Yogesh is chakra therapy.  

He has been practicing alternative healing therapy, a combination of psychological counseling, ayurveda, chakra therapy, mudra therapy, yoga and pranic healing for over 10 years now.

Yogesh has given his lectures and practical trainings in different yoga schools and various workshops in Asia and Europe and he has experienced teaching in more than 100 teacher training programmes.

He has completed his education attending postgraduate yoga studies in India, at the prestigious, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, one of the oldest Yoga Institute in the world. 

On his philosophical and spiritual journey, he has studied many great seekers of truth like Patanjali, Osho, Buddha, Gurdjieff, Lord Krishna, Sri Aurobindo, Shankaracharya and many others.

Himself is also an example of the yogic life, trying his best to incorporate all his learnings.  Still, when he is not teaching, he spends most of his time in  Osho – Gurdjieff commune.

 He travels where his experiences and teachings guide him and accepts with gratitude the nomadic life of his chosen path, sharing along his unique journey, the right ways to combine the roots of yoga with modern life.

He encourages us to start living with our hearts, in the truth of the present moment and work hard to become aware and conscious, so that we can enjoy the smooth flow of life.

He was born in 1976 and his native land is in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.